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Here's A Freebie!

To celebrate the success of MedTutor: The Virtual Learning Platform and the planned return of our MedOps courses, we are giving away a freebie!

The prize:

  1. MedTutor: WIPS Training Programme (worth £125) - delivered to you, 1-to-1 by one of our Plastic Surgery SpR's

  2. Complimentary access to the WIPS online training videos

  3. 50% off one of our MedOps course training days

    1. Wound closure In Plastic Surgery (worth £250) (open to all surgical specialties)

    2. Operative Skills In Plastic Surgery (worth £375) (Local flaps/ tendon repairs/ microscope assisted Nerve coaptation & vessel anastamosis

All you have to do is complete this form about yourself and tell us:

What you think is the greatest operation in your specialty of interest and why?

Closing date is 30/6/20!

Email it back to us: and we will let you know if you are the winner!

Hela prize
Download DOCX • 24KB

Hela Prize
Download PDF • 75KB

Best of luck!



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