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MedTutor: OSIPS II

MedTutor: OSIPS II


OSIPS II is designed for those with an interest in microsurgery

This includes Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT & Max Fax (Head & Neck reconstruction/ facial plastics)

Loupes can be loaned (free returns once course complete), Micro-instruments are yours to keep.

Workshop 1


Workshop 2

OSIPS I: Session C + D

Workshop 3

Microsurgery Preparation:


Equipment handling

Economy of movement

Workshop 4

Ex-Vivo Microsurgery: Loupe assisted

Dissection of nerve, artery & vein


Workshop 5

Ex-Vivo Microsurgery:

Loupe assisted

Dissection of nerve

Nerve coaptation

New Micro instruments provided (yours to keep)

  • All in-inclusive kit: Additional Items T&C's

    MedSync will provide the all-inclsuive kit as per WIPS & OSIPs

    Additonal items include:

    1. Loupes (Loan)

    2. Microsurgery kit (Loan)

    3. Mobile phone stand (Loan)

    4. Micro-sutures

    Items 1 - 3 are strictly loan items at no additional cost: 


    When the kit is delivered to you, a pre-paid parcel with return address will be included. On completion of the course simply take this to the post office to return at no extra cost.

    Due to the value of these items (£500+), we will ask to review and sign a terms of loan contract highlighting that in the invent of significant injury to loaned items in your posession, you will be charged the cost of repair or replacement. 

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