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MedTutor: Virtual Training

Whilst formal training and hospital services are adjusting, your training remains our priority!

We have curated an entirely virtual training experience - MedTutor: The Virtual Training Platform, allowing you to get the 1-to-1 training you need, from your location, in your own time, in real-time.

All programmes are delivered by one of our Specialist Registrars in Plastic Surgery interested in teaching and training with all the kit you need delivered to you, for you to keep*.

There are currently 3 programmes:


Wound closure In Plastic Surgery


Operative Skills In Plastic Surgery Programme I

  • WIPS

  • Tendon repairs


Operative Skills In Plastic Surgery Programme II

  • WIPS

  • Tendon Repairs

  • Loupe assisted Microsurgery Ex-Vivo

*Microsurgery kit and Loupes are loaned at no extra charge, return Postage & Packaging pre-paid for.

Training session times are arranged with your trainer with 2-3 one hour sessions per week over a period of 4 weeks.

Check out MedTutor or MedShop for more information

The training programmes are open to all Healthcare Professionals, Students and Trainees across all specialties and specialty interests! - Please spread the word to those that may be interested.


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