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Suturing and Essential Skills Training Tutorials

Suturing and Essential Skills Training Tutorials


Supercharge your surgical skills with our fulll length, self-directed basic surgical skills training programme - Instructor audio and audio captions throughout.


£100 worth of content - now available for £0 because essential skills shoukd be readily available for everybody!

Programme Includes:

Instructor voice-overs for the whole programme

35 minutes of concise but detailed content

Unlimted access

Subtitles throughout !

Basic suturing

Instrument handling, interrupted, continuous & mattress sutures

Economy of movement

Hand ties

Blade handling, suturing selection

Local anaesthesia calculations

Marking a biopsy

Excision biopsy

Advanced wound closure

Deep dermal, buried subcuticular, locking mattress, re-tensioning knots


*Private access provided immediately following registration

  • Access

    Link to training programme provided following registration for immediate, unlimited access

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