WIPS Tutorial Videos

WIPS Tutorial Videos


An iindependent training programme where you train with MedTutor's online trainer: Virtual Tutor, timtabling your sessions independently over a 4 week period to work through the training videos.


This includes:


Suture removal

Tips & tricks


Superficial Wound closure



Subcuticular: pull-through and anchored


Wound closure under tension

Horitzontal/Vertical mattress

Locking mattress

Deep Dermal

Box stitch


Once registered and payment confirmed, access will be given to the videos and the VLE interface via the tab on the menu bar.  This will allow you to access the booking service to timtable your sessions on a weekly basis.

Please access the guide book available on the VLE interface once access is granted in order to understand how to use the booking system.


On booking you are asked for the date you would like your assessment session: this is inclusive with the course.



1-to-1 45minute skills assessment in wound closure based on the video tutorials with one of our trainers

15 miuntes of verbal feedback and skills advice

Written feedback for your assessment 

A certificate for completion of the programme - This will only be provided if your account demonstrates booking of 1-2 sessions per week and access to the videos.



  • WIPS tutorials

    This does not include realtime training but allows you curate your own eprsonal training programme with the books system via the VLE tab on the menu.

    You can set an assessment date in 4 weeks time for a realtime 45minute assessment with 15minutes of feedback.



Now Available:

Surgi-Plast: Tailor your training

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