OSIPS: JCF / Post FY2 - CT2

OSIPS: JCF / Post FY2 - CT2


Post FY2 trainees only

On-site practical workshops delieverd by faculty of Consultant's, post-CCT fellows & Registrars

1:2 trainer to trainee ratio, ISCP/Horus/portfolio assessments to be completed during event by faculty.


Realtime Feedback

Course certificate

Refreshments & Lunch provided



All ex-vivo tissue, no skin pads

Local Flaps

Tendon Repairs

Microscope assisted Nerve coaptation & vessel anastomosis

Fracture fixation Sponsored by Medartis

Wound management wokshop

Burns Moulage


Social Distancing Measures

1. Reporting room instructions issued one week prior to the course, seperating the candidates into groups of 4 - all at a similar stage in 'training'. 1 group per room with 2 members of faculty


2. Face masks to be worn at all times, gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser already provided at each station due to the use of ex-vivo (animal) tissues for the workshops


3. Regular surface cleaning with hospital grade disinfectant already in place due to use of ex-vivo tissues


4. Health declaration to be completed within 1 week prior to the training day by all candidates - failure to complete will invalide eligibility for a refund

  • Refunds

    In the event of a course cancellation by MedSync a rull refund will be provided with no charges or fees.

    Candidate cancellation: Full refund available upto 2 weeks prior to event, after which, a full refund only available if a replacement candidate available from reserve list.

    International refunds: As above in addition to bank fee associated with international bank transfers



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